Another team member, who is presented in all stay tours. He travels since his 25 years. At that time, as an non – independent child came with his mother from his native willage close to Opava to Brno. He should be presented to comitee of specialist for psychosomatic developement disorders. This cometee should verify level of his retardation compared to same aged people.

Unfortunatelly, an tragic incident with massive effect on his future life happenned. And I am not talking about leaking of urine, quite frequent, being suffering with till that age in emotionally strong moments. Breakfast, for example.

Albert haven´t ever seen so many people together. SO in panic he got out his mother´s hand and lost in Brno´s downtown dirty streets. Roaming couple of days in Brno´s more or less safety streets found out, that people are not bad and dangerous. Some of them even fed him and supported him with clean clothes.

After a couple of days he became an experienced, brave young man. He even got rid of sign with his mother´s phone number, used to hang on his neck since his first school day, at the age of 12. He lost his fear for communicating with strangers, came to comitee himself without his mother and excelled in all tests presented. He coped a little with an tricky test – a massive wooden box with circle, star and rectangle holes in the top and eqivalently shaped and dimensed pieces of wood. But he had sough force to get those woodeen objects inside of the box.

So, he was found beeing normal. He recieved ID card, facebook profile, tax form and supermarket discount coupons.
He was charmed by Brno so much, that he settled there. He runs a small pub, he even found a real girl there! He studies economy, because he would like to work as a lobbyist and he was not accepted to Lobbystic studies in faculty of social affairs.
His hobbys are boat sailing and building of small trains. He is an recycling guru, specialized for PET bottles. Albert doesn´t like gastroporn, he eats literally everything.

On Rally he works as a Public relations junior manager´s assistant, negotiator, accomodation logistic and onboard carpenter and stoker. And last, not the least, navigator. Because he is the only one from us, who owns an School atlas of the world.

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