The biggest turnover in Kamil´s life was in the end of adolescence, which came suddenly at the age of 35. The first trip to the east. An idea travelling to far east was somewhere deep in his brain for ages. He was encouraging himself to do it, but ubiqitous prejudices and fear of unknown always pulled that idea down. Kamil´s friends and family were not keen of that idea. Everybody knew exactly, what bad things could happen to him. Despite nobody haven´t ever been so far away and wouldn´t go, if they would have a chance.

So Kamil wrote his last will, pack schnitzels and arrived. First of all, Kamil was surprised with language barrier. Coped with it thanks to local alcoholic beverages. Kamil was shocked by hosptality of locals, who often invited him inside their houses, which had surprisingly good standard. Locals showed him their culture, historical and natural monuments. Kamil was shocked by power of local distilates, producing in all buildings except for church and police station. Kamil has many funny stories from this trip, established in the most cases on local alcohol. Kamil often remembers his first trip to Moravia. And since that time arrives to Moravia regularly.

Kamil plans an expedition into desert unexplored border zone between communist and capitalist world – Slovakia.
In ordinary life Kamil is a fan for ropes and nets, he is fan of vacuum tubes, he i salso an aviation modeller. He likes gastroporn with extra class food and beverages.

His job is maecenas.

On the rally he figures as an chief mechanic, driver, technical expert, photographer, esthete and emergency situations manager.

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