Mongol Rally

The longest endurance race of the planet

Mongol Rally is the longest endurance race of the planet. If we talk about the planet Earth, of course. And the only one, in which the time is irrelevant. The winner is everybody, who finishes the race. Competitors are obliged to use bar weak scrap cars, they drive on bad (or no) roads. Nobody has support team like mechanics, masseurs or catering and, which is standard on similar races. Lack of that is substituded with size of competitor´s testicles, effort and bull – headness. Some grade of madness is obligatory as well. Briefly, this is not for everyone!

History of Mongol rally began in 2002. Obviously, in the Czech republic. And it is obvious, that beer took an important role in it. A group of Englishmen after a couple of Czech beers made an responsible and adult decision. Driving the worst car ever (Fiat 126p) to the weirdest place on Earth. They decided to go to Mongolia. Unluckily, they didn´t manage to drive there. Because they hold the pre – launch building – up same responsible as socialists leading a state. They had couple of technical issues and some administrative as well. They had no visas. Anyway, they enjoyed this grand – grand father of Mongol Rally very much. So, the year after, 6 teams launched and 4 had arrived. Nowadays, there is around 300 teams, international. Race is very popular and has some aspects of prestige.Ma

nagers of Rally tried to find a charity aspect to the rally. In the beginning, they supported charity organisations in UK and Mongolia. Competitors were obliged to rise some money for charity. Nowdays the limit is 1000GPB split between Coll Earth charity and charity of team´s choice.

Considering Rally racing cars regulations, some developement has been made since the beginning. In the ancient years ralliers let their cars in Mongolia and donated it to locals. Goverment of Mongolia imposed an import duties for cars older then 5 years. Surprisingly, we are talking about country, where the most common vehicle is a horse and in mountain areas yak.

Due to this, it became very expensive for many teams to také part in the Rally. They needed to let into Mongolia newer and better cars, then their own daily car in Europe. Mongolian government even refused an ambulances in good condition. They said, they have a new one from Japan. This is a proof, that there are an incopetent idiots in goverments worldwide.

Because of it, nowadays people do not leave cars in Mongolia after finishing the Rally. There is an option, but team need to pay taxes, so it is a nonsense. The majority of teams transports their vehicles back to Europe, the rouhgest guys drive back or continue more east.

There are several regulations about a Rally car nowadays. Engine volume shouldn´t exceed 1200ccm, you should not use 4x4, car souhld be cheap and shitty enough. Briefly, small, weak and nonsense for this route.

Thanks to this regulation the range of cars suitable for rally is very limited. There are plenty of Fabias, Yarises or Charades on the start line every year.

Do you want something extra? There is an Comedy car category. It includes all vehicles, which is considered by head of Rally bizzare enough. In this case you can exceed engine volume and break the rule about one driven axle. So, cars old enough, broken, weird, Russian or Italian can receive this exception.

There is a ban for any kind of support during the race. Nobody can send you a spare parts or mechanic. You need to fix your car on your own or with help of locals.

You should not use highways

The exact route is not known or given. It is up to each team, where exactly to go. The only obligatory places are start and finish line. Start used to be in UK. Hyde park first, then Goodwood racing circuit. In 2018 start line moved to the Czech republic to some for now unknown place close to the capital Prague. Finish line used to be in Ulanbatar in Mongolia, nowdays moved to Ulan Ude – city close to Bajkal lake in Russia.

It doesn´t matter, if you finist 1st, or 200st. Winner is everybody, who finishes the race.

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